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Everything Has Changed; Nothing is Different (Digital Deluxe Version)

by The Impossebulls

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Mo Fugly
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Mo Fugly So many good tracks! Keep coming back to this one, when building playlists Favorite track: The Breath I Got Left (Marcus J / Jamod Allah / CM aka Creative / C-Doc / Belle McNulty).
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Chapter III 01:22
C-Doc: Good evening everybody It's a pleasure to be here We'd like to give you just a little Something for your ears I know you've never heard of us Allow me to be clear- that we're Gonna make you shout like Tears for Fears- among our Peers we're that little group they Think is odd But we here to keep working till we Hear you applaud And it probably won't be pretty As we RUNNIN roughshod We be known as the world's first Virtual rapp squad Blackalicious, Dilated Peoples, PE Fatlip from the Pharcyde Guru rest in peace One Be Lo, X Clan, Dres From Black Sheep- and Black Moon were the names that were Up on the marquee I made this beat for Blackwell But had to take it back It's ok if you don't know him cause The dude is kinda wack But now officially it's an Impossebulls track And your official introduction to this Opening act... Marcus J: Can I get a hand clap this is for the people in the back The ones who came late missed the opening act Missed the opening act? But wait that’s us First, I apologize I very rarely cuss But damn it do you know what I did to get up here Mic check is this mic on do you care Yes you I’m talking to you at the bar Those that have heard not a word so far I mean please I know you’ve never heard of us But we The Bulls and yes there is a herd of us And that’s a joke admittedly a weak rhyme But I try hard and therefore I beg your time You came to see PE, Chuck D and Flav They’re the ones who taught us how to educate slaves So if you got a problem with the opening act I’m sorry it’s Impossebull to get your money back
Marcus: I'm runnin this shit Hiphop marathon With mics and turntables we Be the paragon Mported Flows: Turn it on as we reaching to the Upper echelon Run up in yo party Steal the mic and then we gone C-Doc: I'm not the best emcee but God-Damn if I don't try Pull the mic from the stand And raise it up into the sky Mported Flows: On some HeMan shit "By the power of grey skull" C-Doc: And play all wack muthafuckas Like baseball Mported Flows: 1, 2, 3 Three strikes and then you're out Put the mic away now and Close your fuckin mouth Marcus: And if you got the naysayers Fillin you with doubt Remember that this Hiphop is What it's all about C-Doc: We about to set it up and Knock em all down- from the Sound now you see Emcees hit the ground Marcus: Old school style on an MP3 Mported Flows: If you're runnin with the Bulls Then you're runnin with me... Marcus: I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired Sick on the mic unlike these mic liars C-Doc: Sick with the truth, one mic , no booth Sick of false facts backed with no proof Mported Flows: I’m tired of these MC's steppin to me When they know that the mic is a weapon to me They know they got no skill better than me Marcus: These blue cheese MCs taste like cheddar to me My tongue be numb impervious to the pain C-Doc: I’m tired of the sick rhymes stuck in my brain I’m sick of the tired rhymes, all sound the same Marcus: I’m tired of the sickness, sick of the fame What fame? got some but none can be explained Mported Flows: I’m quick with the key to free the enslaved No stamp made contains my heroes Marcus: Majestic my words soar straight like arrows Mported Flows: Let me tell you bout the movement I'm moving here to show and prove and Letting all the people in the crowd see what I'm doin Marcus: Yes I'm cruisin back-and-forth right across the stage Bruising up the mic like Tyson on a rampage C-Doc: Can't cage this now you thought we was laid-back Slay tracks tear em down looking for the payback Stay back Mported Flows: I'm about to hit it with the quick And vomit up my lyrics cause I gotta make it sick Marcus: Take a pick between the beats and lyrics we kick Or put on the radio and hear some bubblegum shit C-Doc: We here to spit like a little kid throwing a fit Like Doc Ellis on the mound before delivering the pitch Mported Flows: Aww shit... We never gonna quit we cool You can call us old but it's more original school Marcus: All these fools separate but the Bulls unify Stay together like a young virgin's two inner thighs C-Doc: Oh my you'll never find the truth in lies And we ain't dressing up our music in no corny disguise Mported Flows: No surprise this is us from the jump Hit you in the face with the bass like a pistol grip pump Marcus: Cause we trump all crews and they knew they were through C-Doc: So fuck who? You better listen now what to do Just take a moment to process that everything here is true Mported Flows: If you're not runnin' with us then we be gunnin' for you...!
C-Doc: It was 1986 when my Life was changed... When these Three brothers showed me how to Walk This Way And every day seemed like it Couldn't get better... But in 1987 it was Bigger and Deffer and Fresh! For 1988 You suckers! My philosophy began to Change to another... It was All about the music and Everything they wrote... Eric B is President and he Had my vote... Every Word they spoke every Line every stanza You gots to chill was just Fucking bananas... Yo! MTV raps would keep My brain fed every Saturday... night of the Living Baseheads was a 3 minute 14 second Timebomb... Now I'm Lookin for my own instrumentals To rhyme on... Ain't no half steppin so I Gotta commit Said to myself Yo Doc you gotta Do this shit... And Get back... Chorus (Brother Mike Williams): I'm goin back now- to a time when Real emcees did the rhymin And music had that excitement Remember those days... Let's get it back now- what's behind me The soul that came to define me And Hiphop could just remind me Remind me of those days... Chuck D: Now I go back ten years before that 1976 and I heard a mix DJ's and Emcees on a cassette There was no such thing as rap records yet DJ Hollywood and DJ Smalls said Something like "Yes Yes Y'all" I was hooked- I said what the hell was this? Eric said Emcee, Lisa said a mix Hip hop, so I never did ever stop The party spot, the body rock Starski, Flash, Spectrum City, Hank Shock Lead me to hear and see a DJ Eddie Cheeba Record unbelievable, inconceivable Cause the record was a tape off Jamaica Avenue When in July of 1979 and I heard The Fatback Band and King Tim the Third My brother, sister introduced me to it I said Chuck, you gotta just do this shit! Chorus Tah Phrum Duh Bush: Early 80's late fall too small to play ball But I thought it was amazin how my brother used to blaze men Twice his age he used to send the ball sailin Servin' suckas up like a lollipop salesman How the game worked I didn't understand fully It was him, some other cat, and this dude Red the school bully Suddenly this crew of dudes just walked up on the court They got up in Red's face man I thought they would've fought But instead of throwin punches, Yo they started throwin rhymes Gigging on each other with insulting punchlines I was amazed and surprised at the things that they said Droppin rhymes on a dime from the top of the head It hit me in the heart man it blew my world apart Who would've thought the school bully would've conjured up my art Ran to the crib I gotta learn to flip the script Looked in the mirror said yo Tah you got to do this shit And get... Marcus J: Back in the day before I ever heard a sound I knew through my father that I came from the ground That was his love and I guess I always knew it The purest act of love was he never tied me to it See I was free before I understood what free was I explored everything and found my own loves Fell in love before I really knew what that was With an underground sound through the radio buzz It was something I never ever heard in my life But it drew me something like a moth to the light Didn’t make me popular didn’t make me cool But I learned a lot what they didn’t teach in school Most heard noise I heard poetry And before you know it I guess the poet is me Still many years from what an MC should be It was hip-hop that grabbed a hold and molded me Now legends are friends and friends became legends We’re more like a family of musical obsession I’ll never forget my life cause I’m livin it Said to myself you got to do this shit …and get back
C-Doc: Yeah I gotta get a bit of that soul just to get me back Where I need to be true indeed where my people at? Like you plant a seed in it Now you can believe in it Givin it the flavor baby It's the main ingredient FUNK- that shit you Cannot fuck with As soon as it hits You know we gone git The spirit of the past to Collide with the future... Me The Emcee-- Kill Skillz the producer I to the M-P-O double S-E Bulls on the run for the Funk bout to bless me Sly and the family Bringin the insanity PFunk takin us into another Galaxy Out the Milky Way to a Place far away The most important part of Hiphop DNA... Is the FUNK Marcus J: Killskillz on the beat with that "Good ol funky music" C-Doc on the rhyme with that "Good ol funky music" Marcus J on the hook with that "Good ol funky music" Got the Bulls runnin' thru with the "Good ol funky music"
Chorus: If you’re feeling down… Get Up! Falling down… Get up! On the ground… Get up! Feeling down… Get Up! Falling down… Get up! On the ground… Get up! Impossebulls got your back let’s get up ya’ll Marcus J: Gotta get up no excuses no more Gotta get up off the dirt on the hard floor Gotta be for everyone not just the hardcore Gotta be a team have a dream without no war Gotta get up cause you can't stay low Gotta get up Marcus J says so Gotta make amends for faults in the flow Gotta make friends til the end out of old foes Gotta get up yo and do it right now Gotta get up I can’t tell you how Gotta look up to see me in crowds Gotta look above to find love in these dark clouds Gotta get up the alarm clocks ringing Gotta get up a new day it’s bringing Gotta be sure for the fence you’re swinging Gotta be sure it’s gotta get up that your singing Chorus CM aka Creative: Greet me when you see me Positivity is so infectious, if you don’t believe me When you feel things is bad, smile just a lil bit Good days are on the horizon, take time to consider it Don’t dwell on the mistakes that’s made Like regrets, just let that fade Life is like a show, time to take the stage Let ‘em all know, they can’t hold you down, blows you trade Cause you’re a fighter, survivalist Don’t let it beat down your spirit, won’t you come and fly with us Rise above all the all the manure that belongs in the sewers And throw a peace sign to all those who foolish enough to try to run through us Forget all that bull that you’re used to, time for a brand new attitude Surround yourself with those who willing to show some gratitude Know your worth, so when they try to do their worst Show ‘em first how you get up Chorus C-Doc: If you feel down when we come around You gettin up Got the sub woofer's bump in the sound so turn it up DJ Spin the record around and mix it up Underneath the sound of the underground we bring it up Maybe if I was clownin around I'd mess it up But you know we goin after the crown we make it rough Even though we not world renown we goin tough But we bringin this music to your town so pump it up It's Impossebull you wanna know how well listen up All that negative we do not allow we buildin up And the sun shinin down thru the clouds will be enough To turn that frown to upside down let's pick it up All my brothers and sisters in the crowd we raise it up Can't hear it we'll turn it up loud to blow it up The music that'll make you get down will get you up And everybody you can give me a pound- that's wassup!
Chorus: Now put your hands up if you lovin hip-hop And put them back down when you want me to stop Bet I never ever ever see a single hand drop Cause this is hip-hop and it’s bigger than you Marcus J: Ain’t nothing that I love more than this right here Put on a beat grab a mic and whisper in your ear That I love you cause you’re bigger than me And honestly I’m afraid to think exactly where I might be If I didn’t have those late nights writing in my room If I didn’t have the bass of that 808 boom If I didn’t have my radio play my favorite tune If I didn’t get the love I gave back from you But I got it back and then some this is where I came from You can’t dis, I reminisce over you because it is fun Put your hands up never put them down Marcus J is center stage connecting with the crowd Cause everybody got a little MC in them And I can see you just like me we down from the beginning So let me wrap my arms around this song because it's true Hip-hop equals love and man it’s bigger than you Chorus CM aka Creative: I clutch this mic device with a calm that’s cold as ice, precise Is how I spit these bars of life, and yall can sing along if you like If my words speak to heart, this art done gave me a voice When it comes to my talent Hip- Hop gave me a choice Produce, write, spit nice, collab with like minded folks All across the globe down to my brother who I found that wrote Now we in the basement, we be scripting, dream chasing screaming DCOM That Deadly Combination is what we on So be gone if you aint supporting or trying to stand in our way We just trying to preserve the culture that helped out our yesterdays And now a days we need this, give people something to believe in It’s a odd time so I’m just trying to make things even, got ‘em fiending For that throw back, Golden Era, hold that but don’t hold back them pro raps Over hot tracks, C-Doc provides that, time best know that Gotta show that we hold our own now, with the verbs and the pronouns It aint about a showdown, but build positivity to grow out Chorus Boooka: What's more defnin' then my rhymin, I'll wait OK, break over like September, August just bein honest This shit been in my veins like heroin Take your choice this hero's in I save the game like memory cards Back in 2K, never forget the day when Doc hit me, you be my shit Gave me confidence I think of you whenever I'm feelin like it's time to call it quits But I never can like plastic bottles So I can't give this up like Johnny Bravo Fool me once, fool me twice I'll get it right Mama I'mma get this, not tryin' to be the richest Just tryin' to quit that defect and every other bidness Commercial cause I'm in the chain If I had two we'd be the same I can't complain, most n---az my age would never see these thangs Boooka bangs, what you heard? I'll clarify He the hottest, man I try If you ain't burnt, you probably lie, toastin' n---az Like celebration day, your graduation day was over late Life's around the corner now let's set this straight I got managers managin bullshit AR's like full clips, but jam like Jordan My clan so focused New love, n---a, you lose love n---a Yo girl love n---a like game shows, this flavor of love This real chance of love, this realler than chance You call it a chance, I call it my turn Like signal my stop, so get off my cock No time for the judge, you up at the top I'm stealin yo spot, don't hand me a thing I'm already king...
C-Doc: What if the lyrics that I'm writin now are my last song? What if the flavor of my chewin gum doesn't last long? What if the time I spent thinkin about it doesn't amount to shit? What if I had good looks, would I be rap's Brad Pitt? What if Bush knocked the towers down although I know he didn't Cause anyone who knows better knows that Cheney did it What if I wrote a rhyme and spit it, but then would not admit it Because the rhyme was so dope that you thought I went and bit it? Oh shit! It's a conundrum, what if I called it done, son? What if this was the last song, would you say you want some more Music from the crew that tried to give you what you need What if I slit my wrists on paper, would my lyrics fuckin bleed? What if I told these rappers that they got it all wrong All along, what if I tried to write the same song That you hear on the radio? Would you think I'm slick? What if I told you now that you'd be jockin my shit? Mported Flows: What if jock itch could talk shit? Toss quick, control the cockpit Drop sick, toxics, known to be obnoxious What if I was known for bein cautious? What if my lost hits were suddenly found? What if I hired a midget for rubbing me down? What if my digits switched it to 4-1-2? What if I could kick it with more lungs, too? What if cigarettes stopped calmin me down? What if mic skills were more commonly found? What if music was original, beats all visual What if I'm unique, one in a trillion individual? What if residuals could pay for my songs? What if I had time to just play with a dog? I'm sayin, you're playin along to my rant Shit if my uncle had tits, he'd be my aunt Marcus J: Let’s rap about things rappers don’t rap about Like are we alone in the universe…. What if rap didn’t rhyme not all of the time And really only rhymed like every other line What if rap backwards was average score in golf What if golf backwards was a type of assault What if ass salt was only used to season your ass But your donkey had heart disease Is sodium the tool used to kill your mule Or a movie starring Angela Jolie What if movies never moved me even if they were black With apologies to Chuck D the industry is wack Except for The H-double-U-I-C I didn’t get paid so that promo was free One more what if question then I cuss… What if god was one of us?... God damn it….
Marcus J: Never one to block the sun when it shines These rhymes rise in the eyes of the blind These rays beam from the sky to the ground But these days ain’t many rays to be found Older now, give less than a fuck Still hot as hell feelin down on my luck Sum - mer num - ber thirty seven Came and went like my idea of heaven But wait there’s still some heaven goin’ on August is hell, September the dawn Sun gives life but we pray for night Can’t beat heat in the height of the light Liquid pours down like life from the dead Wipe the sweat from my red forehead As the summer light starts to fade I’m out, Marcus J in the shade CM aka Creative: Hope the invite to the BBQ got Creative on it Sunshine bless the skin, without rain warnings Shorties looking love, Short Shorts showing off assets Long hair and tan lines, looking super-hot to death I always stay composed yo, keep it on the low low Then hit ‘em a CD like it’s all about the promo Create some small talk to see what you’re all about Drop a card off with my info then I say peace and I’m out The real question is who’s chef and what you’re blessing Gonna be one of the first to be taste testing, no question If it’s good, then I’ll definitely be coming back for some seconds Catch my breath then hopefully spit a quick cypher session We can play a little b-ball or toss the pigskin Once I work off what I ate, time for round three, let’s dig in Joke with the fellas, this weather gives chics a good reason To show it all but I’m ready for hoodie season C-Doc: You know I feel alright As I stand here gazing into the fading sun light Feel the heat from the street way into late night as it's Time to move on but wait, I just might Savor the moment take it slow for a minute Remembering back to all the times that I didn't Remembering past mistakes, yeah now I get it Grab the mic, run the beat and hit it Admittedly it's something coming from deep down The sun rays beat down, gotta find a way to beat the heat now 91 degrees, 92, 93 Ice cubes fallin' down into a glass of iced tea Ice Cube had a good day back in '93 Despite me being on the other coast it might be Cause for celebratory excess who needs bed rest? Just let your girl use your shoulder as a headrest And watch the sun dip below the horizontal Hydrating with a sip from the cold water bottle- I've been Through so many can't remember them all And even if they were hell I still was havin' a ball If I'm standin' in hell then I've got to stand tall To measure a man he's gotta give you his all, so I'mma Bring it all back, total recall sayin' Good night to summer as we slip into fall...
Marcus J: I know too many people, care for my people Lie, cheat and steal, bet I kill for my people Guessing it’s these times that mold and shape my rhymes And birth a permanent pessimistic state of mind Sometimes I’m a bad friend, spread myself too thin Giving to the needy keeps the needy coming back again I tend to ignore those that do not need my help Even me cause honestly I rarely help myself See I know me like you may know yourself But who am I if I’m not helping someone else Not bragging the opposite I’m needing understood Sometimes I do bad but it’s for the greater good Like Robin Hood I’m rob’in just to give it away So when I see my people you know I'm quick to say What's understood really don’t need to be heard I love you… without saying a word
Marcus J: To Erykah and Jean and all my loves in between I apologize cause that ain’t really what I mean I mean hip-hop… you the love of my life But the word loses meaning when you lose a life It’s sad it takes death to teach love to some I’m ashamed to admit now that I was one But please can’t you see that I understand now You can stop taking people that I care about I’ma be selective when the word comes out And save it for those this song is truly about I’ma bite my tongue before the word comes out And save it for those this song is truly about Those’ll be the sad ones when I’m gone And one day they’ll push play and hear this song And I’ma tell my loves to me just what they mean Instead of wasting love on Erykah and Jean C-Doc: It's like- Everybody wants what they cannot get, and now Everybody talks like they full of spit- and with a Finger on the trigger playin Russian roulette- with an Automatic with a full clip, bullshit- Yo... ...Told those two chicks it doesn't really matter cause we Couldn't hear em talkin over all of the laughter- and If they try to tell me that I'm just a silly cracker- Imma Tell em I'm an actor- wait, I mean a rapper- wait I mean I am but that's not even the point- in this 25th Hour like the Spike Lee joint- I'mma Do the Right Thing or I'm bound to disappoint- all the People come to see me with the mics I anoint- I mean Bless... And not a breath goes to waste- when I Open up the magazine I'm lookin at their face- there were Erykah & Jean pics all over the place- now Replaced by my people who cannot be replaced...
Marcus J: Allow me to paint this picture with words The most beautiful thing your eyes have ever heard The most beautiful thing your ears have ever seen Marcus J will turn this mic into a time machine And go back get it back give it to you Communicate with the past like it was brand new Write rhymes with pictures in blood on cave walls Tell stories in Sumerian as Babylon falls 10,000 BC Pictogram Hieroglyphics The alphabet catches and I drop scientific From Egypt to Sesame Street we all agree Brought to you by the letters M & C Morris code over telegraph you forgot I’m a def dash dash dash dot dash dot Ring goes the telephone can you hear me now No you got your television turned up too loud Life by the light of LCD screens But I don’t need a CD know what I mean Sekreto: Sabes que el que tiene el micro va dirigiendo la orquesta Es el maestro y es a quien se le respeta Si alza la mano es en señal de darle apoyo y al frente la gente reacciona con el buen rollo Yo! No me voy a privar de sentir lo que se siente al momento de disparar Como trazo en spray queriendo decirte algo se reconoce como de un vago a otro vago Indho: 1, 1-2, 1-2-3 y más Somos los que estamos enganchados esto es global Con el Hip con el Hop y el cliché del Don´t Stop En el aire van las manos, de victoria es la señal Crecemos llevando el mensaje de casa en casa como carteros Toda la ciudad esta enterada Que está pesada la armada con la que contagiamos Estilo universal todos bienvenidos somos Simplee: Somos guerreros con el don de la palabra Surgimos de la tierra hace años como lava Quemamos venimos del desierto llevamos la cultura a todos lados a conocidos y extraños Somos legado nuestros antepasados, dejaron Sabiduría en nuestras manos El código de barrio luchar por lo que amamos Hoy el mensaje emitido fue escuchado de NY GPD se une al llamado Cheka!! desde los 90's México alerta Jamod Allah: There's a reason for silence, I'm killing all the noise, Walk fast - Keep My Poise, Matter Of Fact, Walk slow - Cause I'm the Master Of the Shadow, Control them with this ancient language, you will never know, Lyric-Savant, Autistic, Call me a misfit, Cause I refuse to fight you for half a biscuit, You crumb snatchin', Rats lost in a maze, So you just gave up, You're taking no action, I'm back on point, take a pull off my joint, Then it's pen to paper, the lyric creator, but I'm retired - I would keep quiet, If it wasn't for C-Doc, I wouldn't even write it, Cause I don't need attention, don't want to dwell in, The memories of days when Hip-Hop had me yellin', Cause nowadays you gotta be a tatted up felon, Twerkin' in a trap-house, with a gun, drug sellin', That's why Hip-Hop's played yo, and I don't rap, And yes, Jamod Allah said it, you can snitch on that, Try to take it, put your fingerprints on that, And then be mad and pissed when I take that back-- Breaker Breaker.
Son of Bazerk: What up Doc? I'mma make it sizzle and pop Until the coffin drop Don't trip it's just how hot it can get Check the mic and see if I got pull now it's Son of Bazerk runnin' with the Impossebulls Marcus J: This is free spit ain’t no charge for it Put your money away real MCs they don’t want it Can money buy you love or the air that you breathe? Truth is I never wanted more than I need Cause that’s greed one of 7 deadly sins And once you begin sin is hard to end So never start never ever lose your heart Cause the best part gotta be the musical art Back in ’85 no fear to bless the mic No dollar signs dreams man I did what I like Now in 20-10 ain’t a damn thing changed Gotta a little fame honestly it feels strange Still put my soul in the heart of each line Cause someone is hearing me rhyme for the first time So Doc these 16 are free like all music I attached the acapella, feel free to use it Half Pint: I do it for the people, do it for the youth Do it for the culture, do it for the truth Do it for the love, comes naturally Got my own shit could afford to spit for free Almighty Jahwell: You're big and your badder Your pockets are fatter These bitches takin' pictures with n---az that don't matter Posin' like I'm posin' like a fake and a fraud Cats wearin' skirts like reality broads Hustle baby hustle, give it to Daddy muscle For the sake of illin' I'm chillin- they call me Russel I'm addicted to rhyme, here to fuck with your mind Call me gutter when I stutter I'mma beast wit mine C-Doc: When I first got the mic to be an emcee There was never any doubt that I'd spit for free Cause money wasn't any motivation to me And Hiphop to me is like family Would I like to get paid from the rhymes I recite... At the Show that we rockin in the club all night... With the People that be jumpin to the beats- gettin hype... And the Stage with the worn out mics? damn right But Imma keep writin if I'm paid or not Sometimes it's this Hiphop is all that I've got- and Sometimes I need a mic and a beat to drop- like I'm Goin round the world to collect my props- I won't Stop cause you know that ain't the dude that I am- the One man band, here to take a radical stand- and if you Diggin what you hear then support the fam- but we Always gonna spit cause we Hiphop fans...
Marcus J: I’ve been thinking and that can be a dangerous thing But I’m thinking who really listens when I sing? And when I sing what it mean all these metaphors Do I open windows and unlock doors? Is anyone getting out what I’m putting in? Understand the start comprehend the end These sprinter boys be runnin off at the mouth And that ain’t what this marathon man is about I wanna portray much more than word play I separate from the so called rappers of today I separate myself not to just be unique But I am cause there gotta be purpose when I speak Anything else is just a waste of breath And who knows how much breath I got left So maybe I shouldn’t waste words of the deaf And inhale and hold the breath I got left Chorus (Belle McNulty): Leave aside the ego and the pride Waken your own soul into a life Let your message come from the worthy truth Inspire yourself and the growing youth Let the words you speak be meaningful Make them chase the right goal You are free to express your reality Choose your words with dignity Choose your words with dignity Jamod Allah: In the middle of the Jungle, In the middle of the Night, And I just lost my f-ckin flashlight. Can't see the stars, Can't see the Moonlight, But what I do see, is this can't end right, I hold my breath Depression coupled with Stress, I cope trying deal with the Hopelessness, The world today - so silly and unfounded, Stay yourself, I know it's hard to keep grounded, Running the race, wind on my face, But no matter how fast, seems, I'm still in last place, Friends on your wings when you're flying around, But when your down, you're lonely on the ground, With the breath I got left, I won't play, And if you don't believe me ask Marcus J., I bob and sway, and punch away, but when death punched me in my chest---- I lost my breath. CM aka Creative: Inhale then exhale Now listen as I recite rhymes my pen spilled Mastered breathe control, been heard across the globe So I craft together bars, watch how this page unfolds With my life’s lessons, all my curses and blessings Relate it to the people so they can hear my message Never been a preacher, just speaking like I’m a teacher Showing yall the formula on how freak it on every guest feature No lies need, just doing me So you could spit one of my rhymes as my eulogy And it’ll cover all bases of my life And hopefully I inspired one through my sacrifice To live the right way and say the right things I take it day by day without going to the extremes Living life in cool mode, handle my business and do my best To represent Hip-Hop with the last breath I got left Chorus C-Doc: I put Words on the paper but its only the half Get the mic hit record put em down on the track- and now I'm Using up moments of my life and my time- So why Would I even bother with some bullshit rhymes?- If I could Count the amount of breath that I have left... Then I would Have an idea of when I'm facing my death... But that's Not exactly something that I'm trying to chase... But more a Constant reminder that there is no time to waste Hiphop has given me so much you see that It's within me as a part of who I be and be- Came an Emcee to express and entertain I've let it get inside every nerve, every vein... Every Way it can help me on my lifelong trek So the least I can do is give it every respect... And try to say something that is even worth saying... Cause the Time we expire is the foe that we're facing... Belle McNulty: Las palabras no deben ser secretos que no revelamos Deben ser el aire que expiramos e inhalamos Los mensajes que transmitimos El camino que vivimos son El distrito a través de los cuales nos unimos Oh oh oh the breath I got left....
C-Doc: Gimme a mic and a reason and some would call it treason But then it's maybe something that you're needin' Or maybe that it's something to believe in Or maybe that it's something you can use to pass the time along the seasons Or maybe then it's something you can listen to and diss Or maybe then it's something to get you pissed Or get you to raise your fist And pump it in the air at the crooked millionaires When they send the pigs running up your stairs Or maybe then it's something to compare to the overrated Industry that's decaying down and far beyond repair Leaving all my people in despair, but since I've been Growing with this music then you know I've gotta care And give a damn, or maybe try to understand Why a helping hand isn't a part of the game plan Blind man can't see it, a bind in a blind spot Or maybe we forgot what we thought we were taught Or maybe when they leave me to rot my mug shot Will take the top spot as the HaveNots Mascot... Def Chad: Here I go, here I go It's the sound of my tribal chant Born in America, strong Black man But they want me back in Africa, but my roots ain't Africa Hard label traffickin', now they call me Afro-America Born to pay, where I lay They smack me on the butt, gave me a social number I woke up livin' in debt in the projects But my mind I kept- I had a circle of Strong Black men to help the masses Get through the classes, CNN The eye, they all lie, but somewhere down the line We all got fucked, the hood gave up Red Black and Green, know what I mean "Brothers and Sisters!" We on the same team... Villain151: You got the haves and the have nots, Fast moneys all good still the cash stops, Like 2 am at the bar this my last shot, Got clamps on the game got it padlocked, Listen this is my mission keep my people outta prison, Political decisions keep the nation in division, Part of the master plan executed with precision, Realty TV keeps revolution in submission, ....Until we dream and strive for more, We'll forever be suppressed and behind the door, I heard the blind leads the blind well I'm trying to soar, Still trying to find my way hope your finding yours, Look my goal ain't to sign no deal, I'll share my story with the world baby mine is real, If I'm guilty of the truth won't try to appeal, Let's put the pedal to the medal it's time to grind for real
Marcus J: Good at what I do, I don’t do what I’m bad at Bad attitude but nothing to be mad at Except for everything all at the same time I touch both the dead and the live with the same rhyme The question becomes whatcha gonna do Drop your defenses let me touch you It’s not true I’ve never been in love before Truthfully I’ve never been in love no more Don’t keep score cause I don’t want to lose But in the end it only depends on who you choose And that’s a win, not an end, this is a start Gonna take a friend to mend or fall apart More than that, it’s more not less Still starvin swallowin nothin but the stress It’s a test and I know this better than you You know this cause you know what I’ve been through It’s true all of it, all except the lies I’m right here, where will you be when it dies?


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blocSonic is very happy to be able to present to you, in conjunction with SLAMjamz, The Impossebulls’ incredible new album, Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different. From the beginning, they’ve been unapologetically sticking with that classic 90s hip-hop vibe… giving heads music that harkens back to an era that made the boom and the bap central. This new album is no different. However there is a difference. The difference lies in how well it captures the spirit of that era more so than any of their previous albums have. Listening to this album, it’s clear that these guys have grown up and have been making hip-hop for so long now that their skills have been honed to a polish.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they’ve had help from an incredible array of talented artists on this album! Most noteworthy (simply because of the important part they played in the history of this little thing called hip-hop) are Chuck D, DMC (Run-DMC) & Son of Bazerk and No Self Control! That isn’t it though… there’s DJ Lord and Brother Mike Williams of Public Enemy. There’s blocSonic artists CM aka Creative and cheese. Last, but surely not least, there’s also Sekreto & Cabelleros Del Plan G, Villain151, Boooka, Belle McNulty (who you may remember hearing on netBloc Vol. 44: Break From The System That Gotcha), and Tah Phrum Duh Bush who all play such important roles in making this album so memorable!


released October 14, 2014

Produced and Arranged by C-Doc for DefBeat Posse Productions, ID!
*Produced by Spook 1: This Is A Revolution Sure Shot!
*Arranged by C-Doc
Mixed by C-Doc at HWIC East- Lower Burrell, PA
Mastered by Stu Beetle
Executive Producers: Chuck D, Mike Gregoire, and The Impossebulls


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



DefBeat Posse Productions, ID! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Collective of emcees founded by Public Enemy's Chuck D. Spearheaded by producer / emcee C-Doc, The Impossebulls were nicknamed "the world's first virtual rap squad" as they would collaborate virtually with anyone at anytime. They recorded their self titled debut in 2001 and are set to celebrate their 20th year in 2021. ... more

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