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The Devils You Know

by The Impossebulls

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Kyle: Standing up against the wall Feel the stinging cold wind of fall Hands in my pocket I stare at the ground And still noBody can see me when I look around Where'd I come from and where do I go? Can someone tell me for I do not know I am the Answer to a question that nobody has asked I try to Look at today but all I see is the past And now we Try to run away as fast as We can Cause the world sees us as a threat to their plans And the time we have left is gonna weigh on my head I've got to get you to Heaven before the Devil knows that you're dead...
C-Doc: Here I go again with the pen strike then kid I'm Audi- Impossebulls pull Impossetools make it rowdy- say Howdy to the crowd- jump up beat em down- any Sucker Em Cee thinks We clown around... This is old hype shit nineteen ninety three Battle rhymes like mines if you bitin me Blowing off your face like a bomb in the mic- gotta Song for the fight- make em Wrong when I write "what's the matter with my brain?!" Hold up- now Everybody thinking that I'm crazy when I roll up ...But all I'm Tryin to do is build my flow up- and Tryin to show these rappers on the mic that they can grow up- so Show up and listen to the sounds of the party- Impossebulls wreck like Eddie Griffin in Ferraris Wait lemme stop like the beat was muted- and Rewind my mind so I can get back to it... Marcus J: Back to it this is how we do it all the time Pull it like a bully pulls a bullet from a 9 Loyal til the end man imma stick with mine Like Spiderman sticks to the walls when he climbs Yo we be too high no you can’t be down Once bitten twice shy re-jack the sound Fuckin with LOWdown damn kid you blew it Doc bite the beat back we can get back to it Back to it this is how we do it once again Back like the body part you turned to a friend Loyal til the end man imma stick with Doc Not Chuck D but C-Doc’s my Hank Shock Lee like Bruce cause the beat it be kickin Recipe famous without the finger lickin Showin to prove it, stickin to move it Impossebulls never front gettin back to it Daddy-O: Emcees be actin a fool as if they don't know About the D-A-Double D-Y-O Bar schemes and punchlines like battle rap How you get all the way up from leanin back? How you from Troy Ave and ... How you a pederast and call yourself Bambaattaa? Here come that real emcee with real street ties And we ain't pettin no pandas, that's them other guys We on them C-Doc beats, cut above the rest YouTube is free if you don't like me get it off your chest But like I said before you judge me I'mma judge back And what I use to judge it ain't applause but yes it claps Ain't no weapon against me is gonna win I rep that old ass truth me and my partner Lion Flavor in your ear, no Craig Mack And we ain't seen in no coach cause we don't like that!
Marcus J: Enemies I got very few And if you think you are I ain’t talkin to you But who I’m talkin to forever is a mic A love hate thing like spike do the right So maybe I might just grab a pen Write a letter to myself askin how you been And then spit the answer in a verse 16 lines 8 rhymes 6 times rehearsed Friends I got very few And if you think you are then I’m talkin to you But what I’m talkin through forever is a mic Forever is a long time dark to light Life is a long rhyme framed with vanilla skies Most these dreams are unseen man damn these eyes But I never met a mic that I didn’t like Cause I never seen a dark that you couldn’t light C-Doc: Everything I say you can hear cause I transmit- Sound into a signal that can bounce around the planet- my Tool for this is simple in my hand it's understated- I'm Makin it look easy even when it's complicated- so I Treat it with respect- a respect that it deserves- as its Pulling from the air and its collecting all my words- when I Put it all together then the picture is complete- and I'm Hypin up the crowd to get em jumpin out their seats I never met a Mic I didn't like no I'm joking- that Kidd Joey bread tried to sell me one was broken- and This is just a token- of my appreciation- to Everyone supporting hip-hop around the nation- nah Man I mean the planet cause we've gone worldwide- for All those who've died and those who still try- so my Mic sounds nice check one and you can SEE- why the Impossebulls have always been some microphone fiends
Marcus J: Debt… how many owe what they ain’t paid yet How many ends gonna end in a… debt No not all is monetary Easy to pick up… but hard to carry Sometimes defined by those we indebted Too deep before I said I wouldn’t let it Me and the microphone is still poetic Like ABC is still alphabetic Like 1 2 3 to 3 to 2 1 Debt be forever like father and son Or debt can be for never if you owe none But everybody owes something to someone Take a moment audit your karma accounts Debt comes and goes in varying amounts To any and all that gave to Marcus J Payback starts today… C-Doc: Everybody pays one way or another Done by a lover or the hands of your brother- or the Man who's the other person you have scorned... It's One wrong move and debt will be born Torn between right and wrong until you say that Now's the right time for mine to get payback- and Debt's get paid in the worst of ways- gotta Empty out your wallet or your purse today- or Give up your soul man you've lost control- when you Try to withhold is when it all goes cold- blooded ... When there's blood in the water they come runnin- you oughta- get out the way of the oncoming slaughter Teach your daughters and sons to take care- cause these Debt collectors don't like to play fair- and Payback's a mutha like the people say- cashin Out at the end of your day the wrong way... The Honorable Sleaze: All I see is debt comin over the horizon Try to call it in but I'm owin' to Verizon and Comcast sending me bills I can't pay Wanna go and party got work I can't stay Gotta make this cash gotta make this dough Pay these bills then I'm broke once mo I don't want no favors I don't want no loans Lemme settle all this shit on my own, they say Nothin is for certain but death and taxes Bills too man that sound like wack shit But we pay it all up just to keep shit straight And keep them debt collectors in they place They have me hittin the safe, takin out money I was savin Any left over goin straight to the blazin Then I'm gonna chill cause it ain't a dollar left But bein broke feels better than bein in debt, I said Then I'm gonna chill cause it ain't a dollar left But bein broke feels better than bein in debt, and yo Then I'm gonna chill cause it ain't a dollar left But bein broke feels better than bein in debt Let's go...
Brothers 03:43
C-Doc: What up Sean? Yo, it's me, man the CMD- your Partner in that group we called The Plaid Chinese- I met You in high school- you went by DLX... Cuttin and scratchin and all that mess- and you were Nice with the mic and the beats, I was impressed- I Guess... That some of us are naturally blessed... And That was you man- yo you changed my life- took a Chance with my music man and gave me insight- cuttin 4 track demos from the rhymes that I wrote- although my Lyrics were wack man the music was dope- we could Talk about life, music and film and then- we would Laugh till it hurt and start laughin again- and though I Hadn't got to see you in a long time, friend- I'll be Damned if I won't be your brother till the end- and you Always told me that you were gonna go first- so we'll Have to catch up when I'm done on this Earth... Marcus J: To whom it may concern Yo it’s me Marcus J Writing again all the things I couldn’t say Rappin again cause I know no other way Wanna help you understand why I couldn’t stay Do you miss me? Cause I know I miss you It hurts now knowing that’s all that I can do True now nothing is everything I do True I’m nothing cause everything is you True truth hurts and I got a lot of verity Still it’s a rarity this ever leads to clarity Still this is therapy my verbal dexterity Wise words given freely to posterity Truth is I know that I should have done better Truth is I hope that you never find this letter Losing every memory we ever had together Forever wishing you were unfamiliar I remember
Heroes 03:08
C-Doc: If this is 88 I'mma dance like its nineteen Ninety nine outta time movin like I might be Reinvigorated from a childhood dream- to be a HipHop hero kid and this is my theme... Cause Every good hero should have some so we be- the Improbable squad of Impossebull emcees... Back to save whoever needs saving... And when we start Playing... We always come out with guns blazing Original school raised on the originators- you can Try to be hard but C-Doc'll complicate it... And Run some shit that might be flyin over your head- like a Spanish Sky writer translating what I said- but You are invited and We are delighted- that You are excited that We have reunited... To Rock a party right "till the break of dawn" and call Me electricity for turnin it on... come on... Marcus J: Now C-Doc got me thinkin that he be Thes One Like he was born California sand and sun But his west was mid just like mine Grew up with clouds and less sunshine Still we like to rhyme, and do it everyday Name’s Marcus J and I’ll play Double K Bulls be the same ones under them steps You say Impossible I say not yet Just cause the crew is now down to two We still PUTS the boogie into your boogaloo You know how we do or maybe you don’t Kinda like secret you don’t tell I won’t Ain’t many rap groups do it like this Many stay ignorant lost in the bliss Or musical abyss but never a dis We only reminisce over things that we miss
Marcus J: My story starts out about a year ago Watchin internet porn as the cactus grows You see I don’t really get out that much no more Think I’ll check craigslists lookin for a whore I know I really shouldn’t but I’m just lookin Plus I need it free I ain’t paying for the hookin E-mail a female no not a she-male But honestly man it was hard to tell She hit me right back said she D-T-F Mind said no, but the cactus said “yes” I said ok she ain’t that fat Slide to her crib without the Jimmy hat She was like a 5, but I was kind high So I ate that ass like the movie Alive Not to survive, I did it for the nut Pulled back cactus threw up on her butt And I said oh guess I got to go Just one more thing that I need to know What’s your name again? Please forgive… And the bitch said her name was Hiv Positive And I said Hiv? What kind of name is Hiv? Could you spell that for me? And she said sure it’s H I V … Positive…. Hiv Positive. At first I thought she said Biv Positive… like Bell Biv Devoe… well that girl was poison… and she killed my cactus… C-Doc: Stepping to the AM... Saturday night and I'm avoiding all the mayhem Lookin for some interest I see A Girl at the bar lookin back at me... Now I'm Tryin to stay fly... Cause I'm a Dope emcee who's disguised as a white guy But before I step to her... Check my Breath... And hope it doesn't smell like manure Pop a Doublemint... hoping that'll fix it- a Fight in the corner bringin beef like brisket- I Look at her and tell her Yo we should slide You gotta ride? cause mine is outside... To the motel? no back to my place- we Walk in the door and she wanna watch Scarface... Funk dat cause I gotta better plan... Took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom iPod cuein up the next tune... I'mma Play Art of Noise- she can give me Max Headroom... Night stand for the jimmy hat... But she's Leanin back... And I tot I taw a Puddy Tat... Raw doggin till the break a dawn- fell Asleep... And when I woke up she was gone Must've left quick I'm surprised I didn't hear her In the bathroom lipstick on the mirror... She left a message and I read what was written- and If I would've had pants on I would've shit em Tried to play fast but my ass got played- it Said... Welcome to the world of AIDS! Now I'm dead...
C-Doc: Lookin for a break to shake up the room Add a little something with the 808 doom- ka Boom....... Thuddin thru your speakers- no you can't Beat another WarHammer heater Diggin thru the stacks is a never ending Quest- like a Tribe Called guess these beats I manifest- like the Words from the Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal And skip the rehearsal Nah I'm just kiddin cause I gotta make it right- some Times I'll be skippin to these loops all night- and Step into the AM with a beat that'll please- all my Friends who are real emcees- we gotta Bring it to the music that I serve to the people- a Dub plate filled with ill grooves for your needle- and Bounce to the rubber soul I bring like the Beatles C-Doc's the don like Cheadle Hit it! C-Doc: My Vinyl weighs a ton I should know cause I moved it Groove into this stew right here and get stupid Looped it from a break that I found in the basement- it Hits so hard I call it pavement Gotta get the drums with the breaks like Kurtis- the Purpose to blow up the spot- and if it's worthless- we Never get nervous and always deliver no lip Service- you see it on the surface The Straight shooter, loop looter underground like Sewer- leavin wack producers in a stupor... The Domino trooper way back in the day- into the Future with something to say We gonna Spin some jazz funk and rock and roll- and add a Little bit of rhythm diggin blues and soul- and so Cold when we mix it all together- Doc and The Impossebulls- HipHop forever... Marcus J: Hit me with a hit one time Must admit I be the shit with the rhyme Must admit I be the shit with the mic Marcus J hey what’s not to like? So I do what I do just not for you Cause 3 plus me equals 2 I’m the negative one, a son of a gun Only do what I do for the fun So hit me with a hit two times Nothing really matters in this life but the rhymes Nothing really matters in this life at all Like life doesn’t matter to the cull It’s all for the greater good I’m just hating like a hater should Like 3rd Bass my worse face gets gassed Now hit me with a hit from the past
C-Doc: Those we know know not what they do- when they're Trapped with delusions inside a dark room- with Ego's stroked so hard they burn bridges- and Facebook rants turn men to little bitches Air out your grievances and void your maturity Sitting in the middle of fame and obscurity Desperately trying to cling to the former- it's Torture... To get relegated to the corner- with Every unaccountable word and you've dug Deep into a hole swept under the rug- and through the Mud... How you comin back from that? And this is HipHop... You should get a smack for that Truth is one but talkin shit not the same man Who you blame fam, when you messin up the game plan? Lost your credibility and where does it lead? Imma Break you off a band aid you're starting to bleed... Chorus: If it's what you think versus what you deserve- in So many words and look now if it should occur- that It is absurd and what we all heard we see- just Another sucka open up bleeding envy Marcus J: You want to be more shiny but not reflective Sometimes you’re too close and you lose perspective Want love from strangers damn it you deserve it These are the dangers of fame vision blurred it Like a drug gotta have love to abuse it But love’s gonna getcha and want’ins how you lose it Jealous of everything somebody else has got Forgetting what you have cause man you’ve got a lot But what you got ain’t fill’in holes in your soul So you try to fill’em with material goals But material things ain’t truly what you’re missing Your heart’s tell’in you this is true but do you listen Lash out at everyone cause life ain’t fair A feeble attempt to uncover those that care Lose a few who truly do look up to you Time to change your dressings son you bleedin through Chorus
C-Doc: Blood on the sidewalk a knife in the kitchen The details tell the story if you listen.... Spectators gathered around they all talkin- it's Gossip- I look away and keep walkin... Things fall apart but rarely back together- and Things get worse before they ever get better- did Someone talk when they should've kept silent? And All the wrong words erupted into violence? Or Maybe it was us that shouldn't have kept quiet- and Maybe some things aren't meant to be private- the Scary little secret that everyone knows'll spill Out onto the street in front of everyone's homes Right where they standin now to bear witness Too late to help- too late for us admit this Could've been avoided if we would've said somethin Instead of turnin eyes to the left to see nothin Kinda glad he's a goner, no Longer have to listen to his rants at the bar on the corner- a Bully is a bully that's what I've heard... And a Bully's gonna get what a Bully deserves... But Who's gonna get hurt along the way? As it All decays and the trusts betrayed... It's Runnin through my head as I hear them say how they Waitin for the rain to wash it away... Anime (Chorus): We close our eyes Pain goes away Nothing to see each day We wonder why Things go this way Nothing to hear today Marcus J: No I’m not innocent but who truly is I didn’t do half of those things they think I did The other half yea there’s some truth to that But I never started it, I only fought back No excuses though I was wrong and I know it Though I felt pain I lack the scars that would show it But that’s all done please leave me alone I’m just looking for the peace I can’t find at home And all I really want is to enjoy my drink Let my mind rest, let my heart think Stand up, stagger, then grab my coat Step into the rain fresh air burns my throat Dark and still something shines in the shadows I’m motionless and cold like my soul was froze And I stop, knowing that I shoulda seen it coming Fall to the sidewalk blood forever running Chorus


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The Impossebulls V5.0: Marcus J, C-Doc, Kyle Jason, Mported Flows and Chuck D
with Daddy-O, The Honorable Sleaze, Anime Oscen, Shawn Franklin, cheese & Pot-C, Flatline, Zoe Leela, Darin Jacobs, Michael Fudge and DLX

We all know Devils. We see them, interact with them, every day. We are influenced by them, indirectly guided by them. Only when they are in direct opposition to us, do we really recognize them for what they are. It’s a selfish tunnel vision we develop by living in this world too long.

We also know the Devils inside ourselves, our Demons. These Devils guide us directly. At their best they give us peace in a godless world. But these interior Devils are more like the eye of a storm. A calm we’d like to live in forever, but ultimately know we cannot.

So who are the Devils you know?
Not the ones above, nor those below
Not Devils of love or Devils of hate
But the Devils to which only you can relate
Devils of your soul and Devils of your mind
The Devils you cage and those you let bind
The Devils only you can define
The Devils I set free with a rhyme
But to never be as free as a Devil’s free
Imprisoned by what Devils want you to be
That is this life
That is what’s wrong, and that is what’s right
That is the hell for Devils like me
Who see both sides simultaneously
But don’t waste time waiting for a Devil to show
For you are the only true Devil you know

Marcus J - 2016

Marcus J Says:
Thanks to Michelle, I Love You… To Mari, I Love You & am so very proud of you. Thanks to my mom & my whole family. Thanks to my Impossebull brother C-Doc, Maura & Davy J. mGee & BlocSonic, Rusty Skelding, Chuck D & Public Enemy, and to everyone that had any part in this project… Thank You.

C-Doc Says:
Special thanx & much love to Davy J & Maura, Marcus (and Michelle & Mari), mGee, Tirade, Ike, Port, Chuck & family, Kyle (and Keshia & Dev), Shawn & Mike, cheese & Pot-C, Darin, Mike T, KillSkillz, Joshsam, Belle, Zoe, Sleaze, Lion, Daddy-O, Flatline, Phon-X, Michael Fudge, Sam Sever, Rusty, Keith "Pimpdokta K" Tassick, JFK, KRS-One, Bruce Springsteen, D'Angelo & DJ Premier, Black Flag, our fans, and all the Bulls past, present, and future...

The Impossebulls Say:
Rest in Peace and Power to the people who inspired us most: Prince, Phife, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Billy Paul, Maurice White, and Vanity.

C-Doc would like to dedicate this album to Sean "DLX" Dwyre. Once Chinese, always Chinese. I'll see you on the other side, bro.


released July 26, 2016

Produced, Mixed and Arranged by C-Doc for DefBeat Posse Productions, ID!
Co-Produced by Marcus J
Assisted by Davy J
"Bleeding Envy" Produced and Arranged by Phon-X
Mixed by C-Doc
Mastered by Shawn Franklin for TDX

Executive Producers: Michael Gregoire & The Impossebulls


all rights reserved



DefBeat Posse Productions, ID! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Collective of emcees founded by Public Enemy's Chuck D. Spearheaded by producer / emcee C-Doc, The Impossebulls were nicknamed "the world's first virtual rap squad" as they would collaborate virtually with anyone at anytime. They recorded their self titled debut in 2001 and are set to celebrate their 20th year in 2021. ... more

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