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Back To It (featuring Daddy​-​O)

from The Devils You Know by The Impossebulls

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C-Doc: This track started with a totally different beat that Marcus hated, so I went back to the well and hooked this one up. So props to Marcus because it made the song that much better. The icing on the cake? A special guest appearance by one of my all time favorite rhyme heroes: Professor Daddy-O of Stetsasonic. Yeah, son. It's like that. Oh yeah... it's a diss track, too.


C-Doc: Here I go again with the pen strike then kid I'm Audi-
Impossebulls pull Impossetools make it rowdy- say
Howdy to the crowd- jump up beat em down- any
Sucker Em Cee thinks We clown around...
This is old hype shit nineteen ninety three
Battle rhymes like mines if you bitin me
Blowing off your face like a bomb in the mic- gotta
Song for the fight- make em Wrong when I write
"what's the matter with my brain?!" Hold up- now
Everybody thinking that I'm crazy when I roll up
...But all I'm Tryin to do is build my flow up- and
Tryin to show these rappers on the mic that they can grow up- so
Show up and listen to the sounds of the party-
Impossebulls wreck like Eddie Griffin in Ferraris
Wait lemme stop like the beat was muted- and
Rewind my mind so I can get back to it...

Marcus J: Back to it this is how we do it all the time
Pull it like a bully pulls a bullet from a 9
Loyal til the end man imma stick with mine
Like Spiderman sticks to the walls when he climbs
Yo we be too high no you can’t be down
Once bitten twice shy re-jack the sound
Fuckin with LOWdown damn kid you blew it
Doc bite the beat back we can get back to it
Back to it this is how we do it once again
Back like the body part you turned to a friend
Loyal til the end man imma stick with Doc
Not Chuck D but C-Doc’s my Hank Shock
Lee like Bruce cause the beat it be kickin
Recipe famous without the finger lickin
Showin to prove it, stickin to move it
Impossebulls never front gettin back to it

Daddy-O: Emcees be actin a fool as if they don't know
About the D-A-Double D-Y-O
Bar schemes and punchlines like battle rap
How you get all the way up from leanin back?
How you from Troy Ave and ...
How you a pederast and call yourself Bambaattaa?
Here come that real emcee with real street ties
And we ain't pettin no pandas, that's them other guys
We on them C-Doc beats, cut above the rest
YouTube is free if you don't like me get it off your chest
But like I said before you judge me I'mma judge back
And what I use to judge it ain't applause but yes it claps
Ain't no weapon against me is gonna win
I rep that old ass truth me and my partner Lion
Flavor in your ear, no Craig Mack
And we ain't seen in no coach cause we don't like that!


from The Devils You Know, released July 26, 2016
Back To It
(DC Snyder, M. Ankeney, G.Bolton)
Concept by C-Doc
Vocals by C-Doc, Marcus J, Daddy-O
Cuts by C-Doc


all rights reserved



DefBeat Posse Productions, ID! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Collective of emcees founded by Public Enemy's Chuck D. Spearheaded by producer / emcee C-Doc, The Impossebulls were nicknamed "the world's first virtual rap squad" as they would collaborate virtually with anyone at anytime. They recorded their self titled debut in 2001 and are set to celebrate their 20th year in 2021. ... more

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