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FreeSpit (Son of Bazerk / Marcus J / Half Pint / Jahwell / C​-​Doc / Cheese)

from Everything Has Changed; Nothing is Different (Digital Deluxe Version) by The Impossebulls

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Marcus J: I can’t remember why, but I remember being mad at something when I wrote this. Something dealing with our music. I do know it had something to do with money, and somebody somewhere was crying about not getting paid. I know I wasn’t directly mad at C-Doc, because that just never happens. But maybe he vented something to me and it pissed me off too. So I just found a beat and started writing. The whole vibe of the song for me was that money is a possible side effect of rhyming, not a reason to rhyme.

C-Doc: Marcus recorded his temp over a DJ Premier beat and I really dug it. I had the loop already that I had wanted to use for a long while and it was totally different from the Premier joint, but I think, in the end, it worked out fine.
One of my all time favorite albums is a Bomb Squad masterpiece called Bazerk, Bazerk, Bazerk by The Townhouse Three, better known as Son of Bazerk featuring No Self Control and the Band. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the legendary DJ Johnny Juice Rosado, the group reunited and recorded a new album of material 19 years after their debut album. I was fortunate enough to direct a video for the lead single "I Swear on a Stack of Old Hits".
We played a show with them in Philadelphia once where we were both on the bill opening for Public Enemy and we all agreed that we would have to record a song together at some point. So when Marcus and I were thinking of people we wanted to collab with on this record, Half Pint, Jahwell, and Bazerk were first on the list to call.


Son of Bazerk: What up Doc? I'mma make it sizzle and pop
Until the coffin drop
Don't trip it's just how hot it can get
Check the mic and see if I got pull now it's
Son of Bazerk runnin' with the Impossebulls

Marcus J: This is free spit ain’t no charge for it
Put your money away real MCs they don’t want it
Can money buy you love or the air that you breathe?
Truth is I never wanted more than I need
Cause that’s greed one of 7 deadly sins
And once you begin sin is hard to end
So never start never ever lose your heart
Cause the best part gotta be the musical art
Back in ’85 no fear to bless the mic
No dollar signs dreams man I did what I like
Now in 20-10 ain’t a damn thing changed
Gotta a little fame honestly it feels strange
Still put my soul in the heart of each line
Cause someone is hearing me rhyme for the first time
So Doc these 16 are free like all music
I attached the acapella, feel free to use it

Half Pint: I do it for the people, do it for the youth
Do it for the culture, do it for the truth
Do it for the love, comes naturally
Got my own shit could afford to spit for free

Almighty Jahwell: You're big and your badder Your pockets are fatter
These bitches takin' pictures with n---az that don't matter
Posin' like I'm posin' like a fake and a fraud
Cats wearin' skirts like reality broads
Hustle baby hustle, give it to Daddy muscle
For the sake of illin' I'm chillin- they call me Russel
I'm addicted to rhyme, here to fuck with your mind
Call me gutter when I stutter I'mma beast wit mine

C-Doc: When I first got the mic to be an emcee
There was never any doubt that I'd spit for free
Cause money wasn't any motivation to me
And Hiphop to me is like family
Would I like to get paid from the rhymes I recite... At the
Show that we rockin in the club all night... With the
People that be jumpin to the beats- gettin hype... And the
Stage with the worn out mics? damn right
But Imma keep writin if I'm paid or not
Sometimes it's this Hiphop is all that I've got- and
Sometimes I need a mic and a beat to drop- like I'm
Goin round the world to collect my props- I won't
Stop cause you know that ain't the dude that I am- the
One man band, here to take a radical stand- and if you
Diggin what you hear then support the fam- but we
Always gonna spit cause we Hiphop fans...


from Everything Has Changed; Nothing is Different (Digital Deluxe Version), released October 14, 2014
FreeSpit (3:30)
(M. Ankeney, T. Allen, C. Jackson, J. Height, DC Snyder)
Concept: Marcus J
Vocals: Son of Bazerk, Marcus J, Half Pint, Jahwell, C-Doc
Cuts: cheese
Interlude Guest: Aki from Japan
Recorded by C-Doc at HWIC East- Lower Burrell, PA, Rusty Skelding at Gristle Audio- Dayton, OH, and Keith Shocklee at Terrordome Studios- Freeport, NY




DefBeat Posse Productions, ID! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Collective of emcees founded by Public Enemy's Chuck D. Spearheaded by producer / emcee C-Doc, The Impossebulls were nicknamed "the world's first virtual rap squad" as they would collaborate virtually with anyone at anytime. They recorded their self titled debut in 2001 and are set to celebrate their 20th year in 2021. ... more

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