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Hit Me With A Hit (Parts 1 & 2)

from The Devils You Know by The Impossebulls

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Marcus J: Doc asked me to try to write in 5/4… I tried… it broke my rap brain for months. I love testing my limits… I hate failing.

C-Doc: When I heard this sample I knew I wanted to make a beat out of it even though the time signature wasn't 4/4. And once I got the beat made I didn't even know if I could even rhyme to it. So it promptly sat on my hard drive for a couple years. I was going through beats and found it again and decided I wanted to try to write to it. So once I figured out the rhythm it actually was easy for me. I knocked out two verses and figured it was gonna end up on a solo album. But I really thought it was dope and when we were choosing songs for this album Marcus and I both thought that it fit. So I gave him the beat and he tried to write to it and almost went crazy trying to do so. That's where the second, more traditional part of the song came from. I knew Marcus was frustrated so I gave him something more in his comfort zone and he, of course, knocked it out of the park.


C-Doc: Lookin for a break to shake up the room
Add a little something with the 808 doom- ka
Boom....... Thuddin thru your speakers- no you can't
Beat another WarHammer heater
Diggin thru the stacks is a never ending Quest- like a
Tribe Called guess these beats I manifest- like the
Words from the Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal
And skip the rehearsal
Nah I'm just kiddin cause I gotta make it right- some
Times I'll be skippin to these loops all night- and
Step into the AM with a beat that'll please- all my
Friends who are real emcees- we gotta
Bring it to the music that I serve to the people- a
Dub plate filled with ill grooves for your needle- and
Bounce to the rubber soul I bring like the Beatles
C-Doc's the don like Cheadle
Hit it!

C-Doc: My Vinyl weighs a ton I should know cause I moved it
Groove into this stew right here and get stupid
Looped it from a break that I found in the basement- it
Hits so hard I call it pavement
Gotta get the drums with the breaks like Kurtis- the
Purpose to blow up the spot- and if it's worthless- we
Never get nervous and always deliver no lip
Service- you see it on the surface
The Straight shooter, loop looter underground like
Sewer- leavin wack producers in a stupor... The
Domino trooper way back in the day- into the
Future with something to say
We gonna Spin some jazz funk and rock and roll- and add a
Little bit of rhythm diggin blues and soul- and so
Cold when we mix it all together- Doc and The
Impossebulls- HipHop forever...

Marcus J: Hit me with a hit one time
Must admit I be the shit with the rhyme
Must admit I be the shit with the mic
Marcus J hey what’s not to like?
So I do what I do just not for you
Cause 3 plus me equals 2
I’m the negative one, a son of a gun
Only do what I do for the fun
So hit me with a hit two times
Nothing really matters in this life but the rhymes
Nothing really matters in this life at all
Like life doesn’t matter to the cull
It’s all for the greater good
I’m just hating like a hater should
Like 3rd Bass my worse face gets gassed
Now hit me with a hit from the past


from The Devils You Know, released July 26, 2016
Hit Me With A Hit (Parts 1 & 2)
(DC Snyder, M. Ankeney)
Concept by C-Doc
Vocals by C-Doc, Marcus J


all rights reserved



DefBeat Posse Productions, ID! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Collective of emcees founded by Public Enemy's Chuck D. Spearheaded by producer / emcee C-Doc, The Impossebulls were nicknamed "the world's first virtual rap squad" as they would collaborate virtually with anyone at anytime. They recorded their self titled debut in 2001 and are set to celebrate their 20th year in 2021. ... more

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