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Runnin' With The Bulls (Marcus J / Mported Flows / C​-​Doc / cheese)

from Everything Has Changed; Nothing is Different (Digital Deluxe Version) by The Impossebulls

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Marcus J: After C-Doc and I’s initial weekend of starting to solidify what this album was going to become, we had maybe 10 songs started and another 5 or 6 beats we wanted to write to. So on the way home from Pittsburgh I was listening to beats and trying to come up with song ideas. Right when I get through Columbus Ohio, I start rhyming over a beat called “Majestic Arrows”. By the time I got home, an hour later, I had basically written my whole verse. This is a pretty rare thing for me to do.
I’ll let C-Doc explain his idea for recording this song. I’ll just say it was very frustrating for me to record because I wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted and what I thought he wanted, I didn’t really believe in. But as only he can do, he took chaos and made it sound great.

C-Doc: There was a point and time where Marcus, Tirade, and I would perform Marcus' verse from one of our first songs live, but we would split it up into threes. We played a lot of live shows for a couple of years and we got really great at backing each other up. It was like the old Hiphop routines and I wanted to actually try and record something like that, like Beastie Boys or Run DMC used to do.
So I had two verses and Marcus had a verse and I just split it all up and assigned parts to different people. It was originally supposed to have Def Chad on it, because the track title was his idea, but when that couldn't happen we got Port on it instead. Then Cheese came through with the dope cuts and that ties it all together.


Marcus: I'm runnin this shit Hiphop marathon
With mics and turntables we Be the paragon
Mported Flows: Turn it on as we reaching to the Upper echelon
Run up in yo party Steal the mic and then we gone
C-Doc: I'm not the best emcee but God-Damn if I don't try
Pull the mic from the stand And raise it up into the sky
Mported Flows: On some HeMan shit "By the power of grey skull"
C-Doc: And play all wack muthafuckas Like baseball
Mported Flows: 1, 2, 3 Three strikes and then you're out
Put the mic away now and Close your fuckin mouth
Marcus: And if you got the naysayers Fillin you with doubt
Remember that this Hiphop is What it's all about
C-Doc: We about to set it up and Knock em all down- from the
Sound now you see Emcees hit the ground
Marcus: Old school style on an MP3
Mported Flows: If you're runnin with the Bulls Then you're runnin with me...

Marcus: I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired
Sick on the mic unlike these mic liars
C-Doc: Sick with the truth, one mic , no booth
Sick of false facts backed with no proof
Mported Flows: I’m tired of these MC's steppin to me
When they know that the mic is a weapon to me
They know they got no skill better than me
Marcus: These blue cheese MCs taste like cheddar to me
My tongue be numb impervious to the pain
C-Doc: I’m tired of the sick rhymes stuck in my brain
I’m sick of the tired rhymes, all sound the same
Marcus: I’m tired of the sickness, sick of the fame
What fame? got some but none can be explained
Mported Flows: I’m quick with the key to free the enslaved
No stamp made contains my heroes
Marcus: Majestic my words soar straight like arrows

Mported Flows: Let me tell you bout the movement I'm moving here to show and prove and
Letting all the people in the crowd see what I'm doin
Marcus: Yes I'm cruisin back-and-forth right across the stage
Bruising up the mic like Tyson on a rampage
C-Doc: Can't cage this now you thought we was laid-back
Slay tracks tear em down looking for the payback
Stay back
Mported Flows: I'm about to hit it with the quick
And vomit up my lyrics cause I gotta make it sick
Marcus: Take a pick between the beats and lyrics we kick
Or put on the radio and hear some bubblegum shit
C-Doc: We here to spit like a little kid throwing a fit
Like Doc Ellis on the mound before delivering the pitch
Mported Flows: Aww shit... We never gonna quit we cool
You can call us old but it's more original school
Marcus: All these fools separate but the Bulls unify
Stay together like a young virgin's two inner thighs
C-Doc: Oh my you'll never find the truth in lies
And we ain't dressing up our music in no corny disguise
Mported Flows: No surprise this is us from the jump
Hit you in the face with the bass like a pistol grip pump
Marcus: Cause we trump all crews and they knew they were through
C-Doc: So fuck who? You better listen now what to do
Just take a moment to process that everything here is true
Mported Flows: If you're not runnin' with us then we be gunnin' for you...!


from Everything Has Changed; Nothing is Different (Digital Deluxe Version), released October 14, 2014
Runnin' With The Bulls (3:28)
(DC Snyder, M. Ankeney)
Concept: Def Chad
Vocals: Marcus J, Mported Flows, C-Doc
Cuts: cheese
Recorded by C-Doc at HWIC East- Lower Burrell, PA and Rusty Skelding at Gristle Audio- Dayton, OH




DefBeat Posse Productions, ID! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Collective of emcees founded by Public Enemy's Chuck D. Spearheaded by producer / emcee C-Doc, The Impossebulls were nicknamed "the world's first virtual rap squad" as they would collaborate virtually with anyone at anytime. They recorded their self titled debut in 2001 and are set to celebrate their 20th year in 2021. ... more

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