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Marcus J: Probably going to need C-Doc straighten out the mess I’m about to make describing this song… but here is what I think happened. We had a song called “September” as part of the same project as “August” was to appear on… or so we thought… I think… I’m pretty sure we both remembered the song existing but could never find a trace of it. So we wanted to add something on to the end of August, and we wanted it to be September. So C-Doc cooked up a beat and I dug up a verse.
Now the verse I dug up also has a long twisted confusing history. A while ago, a couple of years ago probably, I did another one of my write for the sake of writing verses. I called it “A Peephole For My People”. I wrote and recorded it and filed it away. I don’t even think I sent it to C-Doc which I usually do just in case he can make something of it. So anyway months later, DJ Def Chad is recording his “Black Holocaust” album, and C-Doc contacts me to get down on a Chad track called “My People”. Wow… perfect… I remembered what I had written months before and re-recorded it over the new beat for Chad’s album. Well I don’t think Chad liked my verse, or at least part of it. And I honestly can’t remember if it got used for anything at all.
Anyway when “September” came around for this album we were at C-Doc’s recording, and he asks do I have anything for this “September” beat? And I started digging through my lyric sheets and pull out “Peephole” yet again, and after flipping a few words and lines, I record it again. Pretty sure this was the last thing I recorded for this album.
That’s the way I remember it anyway… but I’m getting old.

C-Doc: Uhh...?!?!


Marcus J: I know too many people, care for my people
Lie, cheat and steal, bet I kill for my people
Guessing it’s these times that mold and shape my rhymes
And birth a permanent pessimistic state of mind
Sometimes I’m a bad friend, spread myself too thin
Giving to the needy keeps the needy coming back again
I tend to ignore those that do not need my help
Even me cause honestly I rarely help myself
See I know me like you may know yourself
But who am I if I’m not helping someone else
Not bragging the opposite I’m needing understood
Sometimes I do bad but it’s for the greater good
Like Robin Hood I’m rob’in just to give it away
So when I see my people you know I'm quick to say
What's understood really don’t need to be heard
I love you… without saying a word


from Everything Has Changed; Nothing is Different (Digital Deluxe Version), released October 14, 2014
September (:44)
(DC Snyder, M. Ankeney)
Concept: Marcus J
Vocals: Marcus J
Recorded by C-Doc at HWIC East- Lower Burrell, PA




DefBeat Posse Productions, ID! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Collective of emcees founded by Public Enemy's Chuck D. Spearheaded by producer / emcee C-Doc, The Impossebulls were nicknamed "the world's first virtual rap squad" as they would collaborate virtually with anyone at anytime. They recorded their self titled debut in 2001 and are set to celebrate their 20th year in 2021. ... more

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