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The Breath I Got Left (Marcus J / Jamod Allah / CM aka Creative / C​-​Doc / Belle McNulty)

from Everything Has Changed; Nothing is Different (Digital Deluxe Version) by The Impossebulls

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Marcus J: I really work at writing. I really want the things I say to mean something to someone. That’s why 99.9% of the things I write at the very least mean something to me. So one day I sat down to write and I wondered if I was the only one really listening to me. I don’t just mean hearing The Impossebulls and liking the song, but actually listening, understanding, and taking something away from my words, that actually make their life better in some small way. That’s my goal. Whether I’m successful or not I will probably never really know.

C-Doc: Marcus wrote his lyrics over a completely different beat that I thought was cool, but when we came back around to go through songs for the new record, I just wasn't confident enough in it. So I came up with this and it brought a totally different (but completely suitable) feel to the song. If I remember correctly, Marcus didn't feel it at first, but that was back when it was just him on it. He came around after everyone else got on the track.

This album was interesting in that we really got back to our "virtual Rapp squad" roots. That's how we started this whole endeavor but after a while we had a core group and that's what worked with. Time has splintered that group, as time is wont to do, and I didn't want our first album of new material in ten years to be the Marcus & C-Doc show, so we reached out to some fantastic artists to help bring this project to fruition. This song is a perfect example of that, with vocals by long time collaborator Jamod Allah and new additions in CM aka Creative and Belle McNulty.


Marcus J: I’ve been thinking and that can be a dangerous thing
But I’m thinking who really listens when I sing?
And when I sing what it mean all these metaphors
Do I open windows and unlock doors?
Is anyone getting out what I’m putting in?
Understand the start comprehend the end
These sprinter boys be runnin off at the mouth
And that ain’t what this marathon man is about
I wanna portray much more than word play
I separate from the so called rappers of today
I separate myself not to just be unique
But I am cause there gotta be purpose when I speak
Anything else is just a waste of breath
And who knows how much breath I got left
So maybe I shouldn’t waste words of the deaf
And inhale and hold the breath I got left

Chorus (Belle McNulty): Leave aside the ego and the pride
Waken your own soul into a life
Let your message come from the worthy truth
Inspire yourself and the growing youth
Let the words you speak be meaningful
Make them chase the right goal
You are free to express your reality
Choose your words with dignity
Choose your words with dignity

Jamod Allah: In the middle of the Jungle, In the middle of the Night,
And I just lost my f-ckin flashlight.
Can't see the stars, Can't see the Moonlight,
But what I do see, is this can't end right,
I hold my breath
Depression coupled with Stress,
I cope trying deal with the Hopelessness,
The world today - so silly and unfounded,
Stay yourself, I know it's hard to keep grounded,
Running the race, wind on my face,
But no matter how fast, seems, I'm still in last place,
Friends on your wings when you're flying around,
But when your down, you're lonely on the ground,
With the breath I got left, I won't play,
And if you don't believe me ask Marcus J.,
I bob and sway, and punch away,
but when death punched me in my chest----
I lost my breath.

CM aka Creative: Inhale then exhale
Now listen as I recite rhymes my pen spilled
Mastered breathe control, been heard across the globe
So I craft together bars, watch how this page unfolds
With my life’s lessons, all my curses and blessings
Relate it to the people so they can hear my message
Never been a preacher, just speaking like I’m a teacher
Showing yall the formula on how freak it on every guest feature
No lies need, just doing me
So you could spit one of my rhymes as my eulogy
And it’ll cover all bases of my life
And hopefully I inspired one through my sacrifice
To live the right way and say the right things
I take it day by day without going to the extremes
Living life in cool mode, handle my business and do my best
To represent Hip-Hop with the last breath I got left


C-Doc: I put Words on the paper but its only the half
Get the mic hit record put em down on the track- and now I'm
Using up moments of my life and my time- So why
Would I even bother with some bullshit rhymes?- If I could
Count the amount of breath that I have left... Then I would
Have an idea of when I'm facing my death... But that's
Not exactly something that I'm trying to chase... But more a
Constant reminder that there is no time to waste
Hiphop has given me so much you see that
It's within me as a part of who I be and be-
Came an Emcee to express and entertain
I've let it get inside every nerve, every vein... Every
Way it can help me on my lifelong trek
So the least I can do is give it every respect...
And try to say something that is even worth saying... Cause the
Time we expire is the foe that we're facing...

Belle McNulty: Las palabras no deben ser secretos que no revelamos
Deben ser el aire que expiramos e inhalamos
Los mensajes que transmitimos
El camino que vivimos son
El distrito a través de los cuales nos unimos

Oh oh oh the breath I got left....


from Everything Has Changed; Nothing is Different (Digital Deluxe Version), released October 14, 2014
The Breath I Got Left (4:53)
(DC Snyder, M. Ankeney, D. Winchester, C. Lugo, B. McNulty)
Concept: Marcus J
Vocals: Marcus J, Jamod Allah, CM aka Creative, C-Doc
Chorus / Bridge: Belle McNulty
Recorded by C-Doc at HWIC East- Lower Burrell, PA, King David at The Controls, Christopher Lugo, and at Fresh Kingdom Studios




DefBeat Posse Productions, ID! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Collective of emcees founded by Public Enemy's Chuck D. Spearheaded by producer / emcee C-Doc, The Impossebulls were nicknamed "the world's first virtual rap squad" as they would collaborate virtually with anyone at anytime. They recorded their self titled debut in 2001 and are set to celebrate their 20th year in 2021. ... more

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